MobileFit Intelligent Fitness System is software designed to enhance the way health clubs orientate and support new members particularly over the critical first 90 days of membership. MobileFit allows gym instructors and personal trainers to develop a profile of each new member through a health evaluation questionnaire and physical assessment. MobileFit’s workout creator allows trainers to develop specific personalised programs for each member.

Exercise Directory

Exercise Directory is a revolutionary system designed to engage and continually educate health club members through clear videos and descriptions. Exercise directory’s touch flat screen can be mounted to any wall within your health club and allows members too quickly and easily watch a video that demonstrates how to performance an exercise correctly. Exercise directory has a large range of the most commonly prescribed health club exercises and can be branded to suit any club.

Retention Consultancy

Member Retention Systems have accumulated a vast amount of expertise in the area of health club member retention. Member Retention Systems can help take your clubs retention to the next level by reviewing your current retention processes and recommending specific strategies that can directly improve performance.

Clients choose us!

Member Retention Systems specialise in supplying health clubs with technology solutions to engage and retain their members. Our products are based on research into member retention and health club performance and are used by leading health clubs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and go beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients not only love our products but also receive the highest possible return on their investment

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